Wednesday, March 29, 2017


Raquel started tumbbling in Nov and she loves it!

St George Nov 2016

We went down to St. George so Joseph and my brother Ryan could run a race

Bobos first time getting her nails done

Allie lives in St. George now so I went and visited her

The boys went razoring one day and they loved it

30th birthday

Nat, Whit, Kylee and Joseph also surprised me for my 30th birthday with this amazing party!

They all work so hard and did so much on this party I am so blessed for everyone in my life. I can't believe I'm 30

Halloween 2016

Halloween party with the kids

Trick or treating

Cornbellys oct 2016

Since my car broke down I. The way to Vegas Joseph surprised me with a new one:)

Happy early 30th to me:)

We went to Cornbellys for the first time and we loved it! The kids had a blast